We Grow Incredibly Fresh Produce in Maryland

In Ellicott City Maryland

The time is ripe to buy local. The international supply chain is broken. Why pay to have your leafy greens and herbs shipped from across the world using questionable business practices and processes?

You can buy your leafy greens and herbs right here locally at Mary’s Land Farm. We supply grocery stores, restaurants, institutions and individuals. We can deliver to you, or you can buy them from us.

We grow tasty greens, 365 days a year.

Hydroponic Greenhouse, Regenerative Agriculture, Local Farm, Fresher Food

Farmed Thoughtfully.

95% less water than conventional farms

97% less land than conventional farms

Less energy, food miles, and waste

Closer than you think.

Our Green House is conveniently located in Ellicott City on Mary’s Land Farm and our products are available in the Farm Store.

Allow us to reduce the time it takes to get from our farm to your fridge.